Statewide Water Supply Assessment & Acquisition Plan

M&A was part of a team that supported the development of the 10-Year Plan of Operation for the CAGRD. We now subcontract to WestWater Research, the firm that leads the acquisitions, to provide hydrogeologic support for various targets, including effluent recharge projects developed through private-public partnerships. To date, CAGRD has been successful in acquiring sufficient new supplies to meet its requirements.


The CAGRD, a division of the Central Arizona Project (CAP), is legally obligated to obtain water supplies to replenish groundwater that has been pumped by its members. Developers and municipalities that use groundwater can enroll in the CAGRD to comply with Arizona’s Assured Water Supply (AWS) requirements for a 100-year supply; this enables new growth in areas without access to renewable supplies. The CAGRD’s Plan of Operations, updated every 10 years, must estimate its current and projected groundwater replenishment obligations for 100 calendar years.


  • Identified and characterized all potentially available water supplies in Arizona — over 450 separate listings — in the following categories: CAP contracts, Colorado River supplies, effluent, long-term storage credits, and imported groundwater
  • Developed a database of water assets featuring an interface that allows users to update supply characteristics and track transactions
  • Performed economic analyses and estimated costs for acquiring various water supply categories
  • Developed and applied a scoring system for a wide range of assessment criteria to identify target supplies
  • Designed an acquisition strategy that considered portfolio diversification, contracting methods, timing, and regulatory / policy limitations