ASRAC Preliminary Investigations

M&A’s technical review of data resulted in recommendations for five sites that were under consideration for inclusion in Arizona’s Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) Program. These recommendations included either taking “no further investigation or action” (NFIA) or registering the site in the program.


The WQARF Registry lists sites in Arizona where releases of hazardous substances that warrant remedial investigation have been documented. The objective of a PI is to determine whether these hazardous substances pose a current or future risk to public health, welfare, or the environment. Currently, there are over 30 sites on the WQARF Registry, with many other sites under evaluation.


ADEQ selected M&A to provide assessment and characterization services under the Arizona Superfund Response Action Contract (ASRAC) program. We received tasks orders to conduct PIs at five WQARF sites that had been dormant for several years: McCulloch, Surprise Dibromochloropropane (DBCP), Alameda & Priest Plume 3, Lehi Area, and Fredonia Refinery. Three of these (the Surprise, Alameda & Priest, and Lehi sites) lie within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. The Fredonia Refinery site is located near the Arizona-Utah border and the McCulloch site is located near Lake Havasu City.

  • Reviewed available public information for each site to assess its sufficiency to recommend an appropriate course of action that was technically supportable
  • Prepared memoranda summarizing the site understanding, the results of our assessments, and contingency activities, where appropriate
  • Prepared documentation to support the recommended course of action: either an NFIA memorandum or a PI Report, with supporting documents required to include the site in the WQARF process (Registry Report, Registry Map, Community Involvement Plan, Fact Sheet, and Public Notice)