Juliet McKenna, P.G., Principal Hydrogeologist

areas of specialization water management plans and portfolios, Arizona and Colorado River water policy, groundwater development, group facilitation, public outreach

Juliet brings technical capabilities not only to M&A’s hydrogeology practice but also to our Water Resource Policy & Planning group. Her work has focused on developing strategies for managing groundwater and water portfolios for municipal agencies, public water companies, tribes, and private entities. The former director of an interstate aquifer management group, Juliet has experience coordinating the interests of multiple jurisdictions and diverse stakeholders. Within Arizona, she has helped clients evaluate water availability to support water supply portfolio planning and acquisitions and analyses of Colorado River shortages.

Another strength is Juliet’s ability to work with interdisciplinary groups on water-supply feasibility assessments, groundwater permitting issues, and state / federal water policy and regulations. A licensed geologist in Arizona, California, Washington, and Idaho, Juliet has experience throughout the western U.S. and New England. She has participated in public outreach efforts for a variety of projects.

Awards / Accomplishments

Juliet is a participant in the Great Tucson Leadership (GTL) class of 2017. GTL is a community organization that teaches a nationally recognized leadership curriculum coupled with immersive field experiences in a breadth of local issues.

Since 2007, Ms. McKenna has prepared the company’s Arizona Water News Update, a monthly news briefing on events that affect the price and availability of water in Arizona.

In January 2016, Juliet was featured on “Fathoming Water,” a podcast series on KXCI, Tucson’s community radio station. In a 40-minute interview with Melissa Mauzy, Juliet talks about the role of private consulting in water management. She also provides some insights about education for water planning professionals.