Water Resource Economics

Quantifying market / nonmarket impacts to support sound decision-making


M&A can assess the costs of acquiring  and developing water supplies. We have experience evaluating diverse water supplies based on physical, legal, regulatory, and other reliability factors for agricultural clients, environmental organizations, and public water providers.  We offer guidance on factors that impact the value of water assets and collaborate with partners that estimate values of water supplies.

M&A can also develop detailed demand models and perform scenario analysis to more accurately forecast demand and identify opportunities for greater water use efficiency.  In addition, we analyze conservation programs and measures in terms of cost effectiveness, avoided and delayed infrastructure costs, certainty and longevity of demand reductions, and potential for free ridership issues.  Methods used include econometric analysis, dynamic simulation modeling, trends analysis, and surveys.

To learn more about water resource economic services, contact Juliet McKenna or Gary Woodard.


  • Analysis of water price and supply trends
  • Evaluation of conservation programs and measures
  • Pilot studies of new technology
  • Public surveys, including “willingness-to-pay” studies for water-related ecosystem services