Analysis of Remediation Strategies for Los Reales Landfill

M&A not only demonstrated that a “monitoring only” remedy would achieve the remedial objective for this site but we also provided guidance on how to transition from the existing system as water levels decline and existing extraction wells go dry. The City is now collecting data from new monitoring wells to determine when to initiate the transition.


The City of Tucson operates a pump-and-treat system to control the migration of VOCs in groundwater at this WQARF site. This system is expensive and problematic to operate because of declining water levels — which reduce well capacities — and fouling in extraction wells.


M&A evaluated various remediation strategies to identify an alternative that would achieve the City’s objectives and reduce operating costs.

  • Analyzed historical water level, water quality, and pump-and-treat operational data
  • Developed and calibrated a new groundwater model (using MODFLOW/MT3D) to evaluate a range of remedial alternatives
  • Used the model to project the future performance of the current pump-and-treat remedy compared to a “monitoring only” remedy